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5 Ways You Save Money with INNOVEX Managed IT Services

Technology is key to your business operations, and it’s a big line item in your budget. Trimming operating costs while staying current with your technology requirements is a challenge for many companies. How can you spend wisely without limiting your business’ growth? Managed IT services providers offer the extra support you need, while still saving money. Here are five ways:

On-Demand Team of Experts

If your company doesn’t have IT staff, INNOVEX’s Managed IT Services is your instant, turnkey solution so your business technology just runs.

Or you may already have an IT staff with the skills to keep you running day to day. Having INNOVEX as your managed IT services provider gives you a team of experts that can partner with your internal team. We have the extra skills you may require occasionally but wouldn’t hire for, whether it’s for a special project, or for an ongoing technical ability you don’t need often.

Increased Productivity

You’re losing money when your systems are down or not running at peak efficiency. INNOVEX’s Managed IT Services team can increase your system’s uptime and reliability, with proactive maintenance and rapid repairs. Our user support includes IT helpdesk and desktop support so your staff can work effectively.

Predictable Budgeting

Your cash flow can be better regulated when you have a contract with fixed fees. Our agreements include both proactive maintenance as well as on-site service calls, ensuring that you don’t get surprised with extra charges. 

Protection by Improved Security

Maintaining your business’s data security is critical. A compliance violation, data breach of client information, or non-recoverable lost business data can damage your organization’s credibility, operations, time, and cost more than you might want to risk. We offer multiple levels of disaster recovery services, and can also host your data on the cloud for easier accessibility, while maintaining the security you need.

Keep Abreast of New Technologies

The INNOVEX team is current on the latest technologies and advancements, so you will be made aware of improvements that could benefit you. In addition to our monthly reports, we’ll meet with you quarterly for a business review so we understand any upcoming needs you’ll have, and be able to provide the technology recommendations for your company’s continued success.

INNOVEX’s Managed IT Services team has been saving money and stabilizing budgets for many organizations. Contact us today to see how we can do the same for you.

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