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Managed IT Services

Technology powers your business, but that technology constantly increases in complexity. Businesses outsource their IT to a managed services provider when they have no internal IT group, they need additional highly skilled services, or they need to relieve their internal group of day-to-day tasks. INNOVEX’s comprehensive list of managed options lets you focus on your business, not the technology that runs it.


Outsource Your Day-to-Day IT Tasks, IT Management and Strategy: Reduce your IT costs and gain flexibility with our IT managed services. For a single monthly fee, we provide a comprehensive IT operational solution that includes:

  • A virtual CIO: technical guidance to increase your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and recommend new technologies that make your business more competitive
  • A network administrator: create standards and best practices for your IT infrastructure and configuration, ensure continued alignment and modifying as needed for any business changes
  • 24 X 7 X 365 network monitoring
  • Email hosting
  • Security and compliance
  • Storage
  • Managed AV
  • Backup, and disaster recovery
  • Regularly scheduled patch management


Make Your Business More Mobile with Cloud: Storing your data on the cloud, rather than on physical servers, offers easy access to your files. You benefit from new ways to work efficiently, and to provide better service to your customers.

  • Get the virtual machines, CPU, RAM, bandwidth and VPN you need now and be able to scale up and down tomorrow.
  • Access your files from wherever you’re connected to the Internet.
  • Use smart phones and tablets as well as computers for your business activities.
  • Go from CapEx to OpEx by moving to the cloud.


Business Data Protection Is Increasingly Complex: Your business information is very valuable to you, and also to hackers. Whether it’s your financial data that they want, or personal details of your employees or your customers, security of that information is more important now than ever, and compliance is often required by industry regulations. With managed security you protect your:

  • Servers
  • Web applications
  • Databases
  • Sensitive data

Hackers’ methods are widely varied, change constantly — and your security protections need to update just as quickly. Maintaining this skill set in-house is a challenge; keeping your data safe from harm is often best left to an IT group that specializes in protecting you 24/7.

Professional Services

We Have the Specialized Skills Required for IT Projects. Your next IT project may require a different set of skills than you presently have in-house, or maybe your team is already working at capacity. Outsourcing to an IT professional services provider is a good way to get the work done so you can get on with business. INNOVEX’s team of IT engineers have expertise to design and deliver specific components of your IT infrastructure.


Reduce Your Physical Infrastructure and Save: A way to significantly reduce IT costs is through virtualization. This software manipulates your IT hardware to create separate, dedicated resources, improving the flexibility and efficiency of your existing equipment.

Server Virtualization: Without virtualization, a server can run only one operating system at a time. A virtualized server can run many operating systems and applications at one time, giving you added resources. It helps you consolidate your equipment and eliminate its related expenses.

Desktop Virtualization (VDI): Deliver desktops centrally from the datacenter and greatly reduce your time for desktop rollouts:

  • Eliminate the need for desktop troubleshooting
  • Reduce your costs associated with desktop maintenance and management
  • Deploy new operating systems and software easily

Application Virtualization: Rather than sitting on individual computers, virtualized applications are installed on a server. By centrally delivering your applications, you can:

  • Deploy a desktop environment for users’ remote access.
  • Use any application on any desktop’s operating system (especially good for older applications you still need for your business).
  • Utilize legacy desktop equipment with older operating systems, that couldn’t previously run newer software.
  • Improve desktop security.
  • Manage your applications more easily.


Full, Clear Wireless Coverage: A wireless infrastructure connects your mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets) in the office to the Internet and to your business network.

Wireless Access Points: Placed strategically in the building, access points can provide optimal coverage everywhere. This requires careful planning so they cover all areas well, but don’t overlap and cause interference with each other.

Wireless Security: Without security procedures in place, wireless infrastructure can become a hacker’s gateway into your network.

  • Access points need secure authentication methods to identify users based on application, user identity, content and device. A firewall applies policy based on these parameters to allow or deny access to your system. 
  • Separate access is often recommended to provide Internet access to your guests, but restricts them from accessing your network.


Business Data Protection Is Increasingly Complex: Your IT network infrastructure requires a careful integration of your computer networks, IT infrastructure, and security and data systems. Optimized, it offers:

  • Improved business productivity
  • Increased network security
  • Better data backup and recovery
  • Increased network availability

Networking Assessment and Services: INNOVEX offers a network health assessment to review your overall network risk and recommends remediation measures to make network improvements. Services then include:

  • Network design
  • Deployment and migrations
  • Network security systems
  • Mobile integration


Move Your Data from Outdated Applications and Servers: IT upgrades, business process changes and other company initiatives often require a migration of your data before you can enjoy the benefits of its new environment. However:

  • Data must be moved accurately and completely.
  • The migration must be done a quickly as possible to minimize downtime.
  • Your data must be protected during migration.

Migrating that data successfully requires skill that comes from experience. The INNOVEX team follows best practices for assessment, design, deployment, and testing of migrations for:

  • Office 365 and Exchange
  • Servers
  • Active Directory
  • Cloud — whether to the INNOVEX cloud or Microsoft Azure


Discover How to Maximize the Utilization of Your IT Assets: Changes in business direction or leadership, concerns about IT alignment with business objectives, and an interest in reducing the cost of IT are all triggers for IT assessments. Having a third party assess your IT ensures an objective, outside view. The INNOVEX team has specialists to review your business goals and current technology, and recommend the improvements you can make for better business efficiency. We also help you justify the spending, and improve your future IT plans.

Network Health Assessments: We’ll review your overall network risk, uncover any weaknesses, and give you a performance report that includes a review of your security and hardware, and recommends network remediation. This can also help you document compliance with your industry regulations.

Active Directory Health Assessments: Active Directory is a critical part of a functioning network. We review the design and configuration for each component, reporting on your current state. We then recommend issues that need resolution, and improvements to infrastructure, so your business can continue to grow.

Exchange Health Assessments: Your corporate email system is crucially important to your business. Our assessment service will review and advise on:

  • Your server’s configuration and maintenance
  • Security vulnerabilities 
  • All related settings

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