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Migrate Now to Protect Your Critical Business Data

Eventually, older business operations’ technologies need replacing in order for you to continue to access your business information. The symptoms of old hardware or software start with slower performance but can end in lost data if not addressed in time. Migrating now may not only save your business money by increasing operational efficiency but also may save you from a very costly data loss down the road.

Driving Factors

Failing, undersized equipment, the need for more advanced software, and poor performance are the clear indicators of a migration need.

Interestingly, the retirement of baby boomers has made migrations more urgent. It is increasingly difficult to replace those employees with the technical knowledge and business insight to maintain current IT systems.

While all businesses look to cut expenses, sticking with older hardware and software becomes increasingly more expensive. The vendors of older technology are also facing the loss of IT knowledge, and need to increase their maintenance license fees to reflect their increased costs of finding these hard-to-find skills.

Plan for a Complicated Process

It’s not always easy to move your data from one hardware or software system to another. Careful planning must ensure:

  • That data is moved accurately and completely.
  • That the migration is done as quickly as possible to minimize downtime.
  • Data is protected throughout the process.

Some migrations you may need are:

  • Server: Migrating all existing data and applications can be quite complex as undoubtedly you are dealing with new hardware and a newer operating system than your current server. Careful planning and execution is required to ensure operational continuity.
  • Active Directory: Critical to your business’s network functions, it will require proper design and planning from an IT professional who has done these migrations many times before.
  • Migrating to the cloud: This also represents a shift in how you operate and so having an IT consultant engaged early on in the process is necessary so that all variables are considered.
  • Email and Microsoft Office apps: Migrating these applications requires specific technical knowledge and meticulous attention to detail.

Need Help?

Migrations are often outsourced due to the special skills needed, or the time needed to focus on the project.  The IT engineers at INNOVEX are experienced in migrations and will move your data safely. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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