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SMBs: 3 Key Benefits of Cloud Infrastructure

Moving to the cloud offers significant benefits for small organizations, where competition requires them to work better to gain business. Freed from the responsibility of keeping a secure, well-functioning server on site, you and your staff can now access your information from wherever you happen to be. You’ll be able to move faster and be more efficient. 

Financial Advantages

Eliminate the costs of local servers and their requirements for power, space, maintenance, updates and IT support. Because you have no physical hardware, your expenses move from capital expense to operating expense.

Most providers offer a predictable, monthly fee for the service, upkeep and other costs.

Business Efficiency

Greatly increase the uptime of your business systems.

Your mobile workforce can access your data from any device, anywhere at any time.

You can focus on your business rather than IT needs.


Cloud providers invest more heavily in software as well as physical security to offer you multiple levels of protection from virus, hackers and other cyber crimes. Most small and medium businesses can’t afford this level of security.

When your business is on the cloud, there’s no concern of loss of data from devices that have failed, been lost or stolen, as your data is safely in the cloud.


Our IT Managed Services group offers 100% private cloud infrastructure, enabling companies to obtain the number of virtual machines, CPU, RAM, bandwidth and VPN that fit their needs exactly. Also able to tie into a company’s existing servers, our hybrid cloud is a solution for businesses that need to maintain some software locally, but still want to be able to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. 

Unlike many cloud providers, we own our cloud equipment. And because we control it, we can offer a more rapid response to requests from you. Our expertise extends from hardware to operating systems, middleware, applications and users, so your IT needs are fully covered.

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