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SMBs: What Is the Cloud

Even if you think you’re not using the cloud yet, you probably are. FaceBook, Google Drive, and even Office 365 are all in the cloud. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you’re working in the cloud. 

43% of small businesses use a smartphone as their primary device to run their operations. 19% use tablets. Many companies now have moved away from having physical servers in their offices, and rely strictly on cloud infrastructure.

Using the cloud offers you new ways to work efficiently, and to provide better service to your customers. In the office or on the go, you have easy access to your business files at anytime, anywhere and from any device.

If IT isn’t your primary business, you’ll now be able to focus on revenue generation instead of purchasing hardware and requiring in-house expertise to maintain/update/patch it. Your files will reside on a server in the cloud, where you’ll have better security and technical expertise than most small businesses can obtain on their own.

If you haven’t yet, it’s worth looking into cloud services for your company. 

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