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Strengthening Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan with VoIP Phone Systems

You’ve watched the weather reports, and you’re out of the cone of uncertainty. The surge is forecasted to not even lap the shores. It’s overcast, maybe a little rainy, but you think you’ve weathered the storm.

And then you get the notification from National Grid: a tree fell next to a telephone pole, knocking the power out at your office. What’s worse: they won’t get to it for at least a few days.

Do you know if your customers and prospects can reach you?

Standard Phone Systems in Natural Disasters

A standard phone system is tied directly to your location. If the power’s out at your office, your phones won’t work, and your customers and leads will be left wondering how to get in touch with you. You’ll frustrate your clients and leave new money on the table.

But there’s a solution: switching to a VoIP phone system that lets your phone system work no matter if your internet or power is out.

What Is a VoIP Phone System?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are the modern way to set up your office’s phones. Instead of running through phone lines, VoIP phone systems use cloud-based internet technology to route phone calls.

By using the cloud, VoIP phone systems allow you to rapidly deploy your phone system because your system is not tied to your location for it to work. In addition, our INNOVEX Voice VoIP phone system can let you bring your own phones, making sure that your changeover costs are low.

VoIP Phone Systems When Your Power’s Out

During an event where your office loses power and internet, your INNOVEX Voice VoIP phone system keeps your business connected from anywhere.
There’s two options for your disaster plan if your office’s power is out, depending on the severity of your outage.

For short-term outages, you can use our Android or iOS mobile apps. This allows your smartphone to be your office phone while still separating work from personal calls to maintain a professional voice when clients or prospects call.

For longer-term outages, your office phone itself can receive calls anywhere there’s a power source and internet access. Work-from-home has never been easier!

Will Regional Power Outages Affect Your VoIP Phone System?

Your INNOVEX Voice VoIP phone system has datacenters all across the country. So even if your entire state is out of power, your phones will still ring. Using INNOVEX Voice, your clients and prospects will be able to get in touch with you, no matter how serious the disaster your office experienced.

How VoIP Phone Systems Strengthens Disaster Recovery Plans

It’s not enough to wonder how your office will ride out a power outage. Your customers deserve better.

Using INNOVEX Voice, you’ll be able to add processes to your disaster preparation plans and have ready-made step-by-step instructions for your employees to follow. This allows your business to operate as if nothing has happened, keeping client satisfaction high while they work through their own disaster recovery.

Strengthen Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan Today

Be confident in your phone system, no matter what storm is brewing at your office. Talk to our INNOVEX Voice team today to find out how to strengthen your IT Disaster Recovery Plan today!