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What Are the Best VoIP Phone Systems for Lawyers in Rhode Island?

Being held to high professional standards, lawyers in Rhode Island are called to ensure that their offices are operating with a reasonably modern technology stack that helps their clients communicate with them efficiently. In addition, potential clients are fickle, and one misstep in communication like missing an initial call or making it too difficult to keep in touch can ruin your new business efforts.

A VoIP Phone System like INNOVEX’s Managed Voice Services can help your law firm reduce the costs associated with phone calls, scale your intake team, and more robustly service your clients. But so many discussions around VoIP are focused on arcane terminology and indecipherable feature lists. What is the best VoIP phone system for lawyers?

Which VoIP Phone System Features Should Lawyers Look For?

VoIP features range wildly from provider to provider and package to package, so it’s difficult for business owners to choose the right package for their company. Law firms are in an even more complicated situation because they handle sensitive information from their clients.

For law firms, there are four features that you need to have in your VoIP phone system:

  1. SIP Trunking
  2. Voicemail to Email
  3. Call Recording
  4. HIPAA Compliance

SIP Trunking for Law Firms

SIP Trunking replaces traditional copper telephone lines, allowing your phone system to translate the digital packets of VoIP to the analog signals needed for your phone service. SIP Trunking does more than just voice – it typically carries all forms of media, including SMS, video conferencing, and faxing. The SIP trunk interacts with various protocols, extending your VoIP phone system to be able to handle all the formats your clients might want to use, while scaling to your firm’s needs.

Voicemail to Email

While it’s important to answer your phone promptly and professionally, sometimes it can’t be avoided that you need to send clients and leads to your voicemail. In those cases, having a voicemail-to-email system allows you to ensure that no matter where you are, you can triage client and prospect situations. This helps your firm better convert leads ands helps you provide the support you need for your client support team.

Call Recording

When most of your client interaction happens on the phone, you need to make sure that everyone is representing your firm in the best way. By using call recording, you can make sure that your intake team is following scripts, your client services team is providing the highest level of support for your team, and your associates are representing your firm well with your colleagues across the bench. It also helps to have a record of a conversation to refer to when building your case.

HIPAA Compliance

While law firms don’t typically need HIPAA compliance legally, providing that depth of compliance and security lets you trust that you’re providing your team with a robust solution that ensures the privacy of your clients. Automatic cloud storage, and advanced admin portal, and lifetime software updates will make sure that your phone and document management platforms are protecting your clients while providing your team with the ease of access they need to help your clients in the best way.

Which INNOVEX Voice Package is Right for Your Law Firm?

INNOVEX’s Managed Voice Services are built for your firm and custom designed to give you the flexibility and power to help your clients across multiple communications platforms.

Starting off with the Standard Package includes the HIPPA compliance needed, Call Recording features, Voicemail to Email, and dozens of other features. You can then add-on SIP Trunking and other premiuem add-ons your law firm would require. Find out more about INNOVEX Voice today and learn how they can help bring your law firm into the modern business age.