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WiFi Attracts Top Students to Higher Ed Institutions

Charged with managing tight finances while at the same time needing to attract the best students and faculty to your institution, higher ed’s administration has the difficult task of deciding what expenditures will best accomplish their goals. 

A top priority for many prospective students is Internet accessibility. Required for their studies and desired for their social life, students bring an average of 3 mobile devices to tap into the Internet, which has strained existing access systems. Faculty requires more and more use of multimedia applications. Better security is today’s mandate, but don’t forget the budget!

Fortunately, newer wireless technologies present a cost-effective solution to these issues. They can tie into older systems, upgrade your campus to reliable, high-performance access, and yet be future-proofed, protecting your investment. For administrators, there
are specific additional benefits:


  • For emergencies, the ability to communicate with students, faculty and administration
  • Location-tracking of students, for analytics purposes as well as for emergencies

Potential Revenue-Generation

  • Offer VoIP calling for students
  • Be able to charge visitors for wireless Internet on campus
  • Promote school events to devices within your access network
  • Utilize analytics to create additional revenue

Administrative Requirements

  • Keep up with other institutions to get top students and faculty
  • Protect your budget by installing a system with components that are less expensive than before

If your Internet capabilities are lacking, contact INNOVEX for an evaluation by an experienced wireless engineer. We’ll analyze your current system and recommend one that can leverage your existing equipment, and improve performance and security —
all with a scalable solution that you’ll use for years.

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