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Discover How to Maximize the Efficiency of Your IT Assets

Changes in business direction or leadership, concerns about IT alignment with business objectives, and an interest in reducing the cost of IT are all triggers for IT assessments.

Having a third party assess your IT ensures an objective, outside view. The INNOVEX team has specialists to review your business goals and current technology, and recommend the improvements you can make for better business efficiency. We also help you justify the spending, and improve your future IT plans.

Network Health Assessments

We’ll review your overall network risk, uncover any weaknesses, and give you a performance report that includes a review of your security and hardware, and recommends network remediation. This can also help you document compliance with your industry regulations.

Active Directory Health Assessments

Active Directory is a critical part of a functioning network. We review the design and configuration for each component, reporting on your current state. We then recommend issues that need resolution, and improvements to infrastructure, so your business can continue to grow.

Exchange Health Assessments

Your corporate email system is crucially important to your business. Our assessment service will review and advise on:

  • Your server’s configuration and maintenance
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • All related settings

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