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Reduce Your Physical Infrastructure and Save

A way to significantly reduce IT costs is through virtualization. This software manipulates your IT hardware to create separate, dedicated resources, improving the flexibility and efficiency of your existing equipment.

Server Virtualization

Without virtualization, a server can run only one operating system at a time. A virtualized server can run many operating systems and applications at one time, giving you added resources. It helps you consolidate your equipment and eliminate its related expenses.

Desktop Virtualization (VDI)

Deliver desktops centrally from the data center and greatly reduce your time for desktop rollouts

  • Eliminate the need for desktop troubleshooting
  • Reduce the operating costs associated with desktop maintenance and management
  • Deploy new operating systems and software easily

Application Virtualization

Rather than sitting on individual computers, virtualized applications are installed on a server. By centrally delivering your applications, you can:

  • Deploy a desktop environment for users’ remote access
  • Use any application on any desktop’s operating system (especially good for older applications you still need for your business)
  • Utilize legacy desktop equipment with older operating systems, that couldn’t previously run newer software
  • Improve desktop security
  • Manage your applications more easily

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